FalseClaimsCounsel.com is a blog devoted to all things false and fraudulent, including the Federal False Claims Act and related statutes (mostly civil, sometimes criminal), as well as state analogues.

The author, Ben Vernia, is a former federal prosecutor and Fraud Section civil attorney with 12 years of False Claims Act experience. He practices at The Vernia Law Firm, in Washington, D.C.

FalseClaimsCounsel.com is a legal blog intended to be read by lawyers and judges who handle government fraud cases.

The commentary contained on this site reflects the author’s views. Where possible, sources of bias (e.g., client relationships) are identified. Because many False Claims Act cases are handled confidentially or under court-ordered secrecy, disclosing sources of bias is not always possible.

FalseClaimsCounsel.com is not intended to be read by laypeople or attorneys practices outside of the government fraud area, and posts and other content of this website are not legal advice.

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