DOJ announces intervention in Kellogg, Brown & Root qui tam

by Ben Vernia | February 18th, 2011

On February 18, the Justice Department announced that it was intervening in a qui tam filed in Illinois against the contractor Kellogg, Brown & Root. According to DOJ’s press release:

The government has intervened in a lawsuit against Kellogg Brown & Root Services Inc. (KBR) in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of Illinois, announced the Department of Justice. The lawsuit was filed in February 2007 by James A. Brady III, a former employee of KBR, and alleges that KBR violated the False Claims Act in connection with “LOGCAP III,” the third generation of the U.S. Army’s Logistics Civil Augmentation Program awarded and administered at Rock Island, Ill. Under the contract, KBR was to provide logistics and sustainment support to U.S. military troops in Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan. KBR performed LOGCAP III largely through subcontractors.

According to the complaint, KBR entered into a subcontract with the Turkish company Yuksel-Reysas to do operations and maintenance work at Army camps near Mosul, Iraq. Brady alleges that KBR violated the False Claims Act because it was unable to account for materials paid for under the Yuksel-Reysas subcontract.

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