US sues fuze maker for defective materials in “bunker buster” bombs

by bvernia | November 6th, 2009

DOJ announced on November 6 a civil suit under the FCA against Kaman Dayron, Inc., in Orlando. According to the US:

The allegations relate to FMU-143 fuzes for use in hard target penetration warheads, colloquially referred to as “bunker buster” bombs. The government alleges that Kaman Dayron knowingly substituted non-conforming bellows motors for the specified parts in three lots of fuzes supplied to the military, and that the non-conforming parts could cause the fuzes to fire prematurely, creating a hazard for military personnel and causing misfires of the warheads. The military discovered the parts substitution and has quarantined the defective fuzes.

The case was handled by the National Procurement Fraud Initiative.

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