Liveblogging the Civil War False Claims Act: Reimbursement problems in Kentucky

by Ben Vernia | November 8th, 2012

On November 8, 1862, the New York Times reported that problems plagued the process of reimbursing farmers and others whose goods were frequently requisitioned by the Union Army in Kentucky:

LOUISVILLE, Monday, Nov. 3, 1862. SILL’s Division (McCook’s Corps) was in Bowling Green the 31st ult. A Bowling Green Unionist asserts that there is a wide-spread feeling, on the part of loyalists there, that thay are unjustly treated by those in milliary authority — that secesh and rebels get more favors and protection than they. But Unionists there and elsewhere will sooner or later be fully compensated at the expense of their enemies. Col. SHAKES, at Hartford, has appointed Committees to assess and restore all Union losses. Some Western Quartermasters and Paymasters are charged with carelessness and dishonesty in making out accounts, certificates and vouchers, and in handling and disbursing the public money. Investigating Committees, to prevent fraud, waste and injustice to the Government or its citizens, might be of much service in the Departments of the Ohio, the Cumberland and the Tennessee. Many farmers are said to have received, from Quartermasters, informal, irregular and worthless receipts and pay-certificates for requisitions upon them for forage, grain, cattle, &c.

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